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Luxury Lift is a chauffeured transportation Company, specializing in on-demand and flat rate local and long distance Black Car services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  

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Connecting NYC families with Central Pennsylvania

Each week, we have the pleasure of seeing a familiar, smiling face. We pick up our always pleasant, smiling passenger from his school in Central Pennsylvania every Saturday morning and begin our journey to his family's residence in the heart of Manhatten.

When we first arrive for our morning pick up, we are always greated with a cheerful, "hello!" and either a strong handshake or an excited hi-five! And before we are even finished placing his bags in the trunk of our Lincoln MKT, he has jumped in the back seat and placed the ear phones of his iPhone in his ears. He begins listening to his favorite Pandora station, and we begin the first leg of our weekly journey to The Big Apple. 


This trip is one of the nearly hundred long distance trips Luxury Lift makes from the pristine Central Pennsylvania area. Luxury Lift's headquarters are nestled in the outskirts of Harrisburg, Pa, but our experienced staff have become almost as familiar with the major cities of the Mid Atlantic Cooridor as they are with their home cities in Central Pennsylvania. 

Connecting our clients with their families, loved ones, colleagues or events in a safe, relaxed and enjoyable manner is not only one of the keys to our success, but it is a culture that each of our employees has set for themselves and the company. 

We thank all of our current, as well as our future customers, for allowing us to assist in connecting you with whatever endevour lies ahead of you.